Siempre he querido contar historias y la fotografía es mi lenguaje. Detrás de cada fotografía que hago estoy yo.

Documentalismo | Ferrotipos | Ambrotipo | Colodión Húmedo | Fotografía Alternativa.

Documentalism | Tintypes | Wet Plate Collodion | Slow fotography.

Eduardo Ripoll – Photographer


I have always wanted to tell stories and, for me, photography is the perfect language for this aim. Apart from perfect it is also different from the rest of them because the photographer does not have to start from a blank sheet but is the photographer the one who chooses the elements which will create the story of reality.

Since more than two years ago, I take more pleassure taking three tintypes a day than taking eight photos per second. I call it slow pohotography, where each step is carefully meditated since the single realization of an image requires an intense planification. The tintype is the result of a process called wet plate collodion, a technique used in the XIX century, a fragile alchemy which blends glass or iron with silver and other salts to get an incomparable and unique, almost magical effect, given that it cannot exist a negative and it has no other realisable ability, as it happens in traditional photography.


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